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Halo 3 Movie Part 2

2007-10-18 20:23:22 by oreosz360

For those who enjoyed Halo 3 Movie Part 1, even those who didn't, I'm making episode 2. Part 2's animation is richer than the first. Also I read all of the posts and took them into consideration by fixing everything that you didn't like. I fixed:

1. I drew the weapons instead of ripping.
2. Cleared the voice acting a bit.
3. Put little more effort in background settings.
4. Made animation smoother.
5. Drew enemies and added the brutes to the A.I.

So please comment Part 1 or PM me some things I could fix for episode 2.

Release Date: TBA October-November 2007

Here's a Wallpaper:

May not make any sense with the Windows (r) Mobile right now but it will once you see the movie.
To save: Left click save picture as..... Wallpaer 2 is next pg.

Halo 3 Movie Part 2


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